The Norwegian Sailing Team is a sailing team, representing Norway at the Olympics, which identifies itself over norms and values anchored in the Norwegian culture.

Our goal is to represent Norwegian sailing in the Olympic arena by performance and ‘the living up to values’.


The Norwegian Sailing team is a team based on sharing, one of Norway’s finest qualities in the culture. Inside the sailing team this is lived in every day training, logistical cooperation, finding solutions for all sorts of issues that the life an Olympic sailing campaign involves.

It’s openness also finds itself in the many cooperations the team has with international partners as expertise advisors or training partners


Sailing is unique. As athletes in a highly complex sport, we need to develop skills that transcends in to: highly skilled techniques, while navigating for opportunities on the course, run efficient logistics, encounter risk management, engage in personal development and run the campaign as a company.

With the word FLAMME we have gathered and organized why we are all in this sport and this team:


In the history of sailing the Norwegian Sailing Team has delivered many Olympic Medals in summer sports, a feat not many summer sports in Norway can state. This lies for a big part in preparing for all aspects of the sport, from training boathandling techniques on the water till polishing a hull or foil to perfection in the hotel.

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