The Norwegian Sailing team is a team based on sharing, one of Norway’s finest qualities in the culture. Inside the sailing team this is lived in every day training, logistical cooperation, finding solutions for all sorts of issues that the life an Olympic sailing campaign involves.

It’s openness also finds itself in the many cooperations the team has with international partners as expertise advisors or training partners


Once the mutual motivation was found and each sailor trusted him/herself to become a part of the ‘TEAM’, we found our values and norms to identify rather easy. It was represented in the word:  START

S - SULT curious, drive, quality, details

T - TEAM support each other, happiness when otherS succeed, share with others when winning, meeting place

A - ARTIG be happy about what we do, social, joy in sailing, desire to compete

R - RESPECT greatness, self-discipline, differences, person versus role

T - TRYGGHET openess, big heart, be yourself, honesty, communication

The challenge is however, to accept and trust your teammate to help you ‘to live’ by these values and find the inspiration and strength needed to perform at your ‘personal best’.



Sailing is unique. As athletes in a highly complex sport, we need to develop skills that transcends in to: highly skilled techniques, while navigating for opportunities on the course, run efficient logistics, encounter risk management, engage in personal development and run the campaign as a company.

With the word FLAMME we have gathered and organized why we are all in this sport and this team:


Within the Norwegian Sailing Team, there is a clear focus and intense energy amongst the sailors.

Collectively, the team has its own consciousness, indicating shared norms and values. The team develops every day a stronger sense of accountability for achieving their goals.

Team members display high levels of mutual trust and respect towards each other.

Focus within the team is to have each sailor develop his own personal and unique way to ‘deliver’ his ‘personal best’, every year, at least once a year and preferably at the medal race of the Olympic games 2020 in Tokyo.

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